Is it mandatory to begin with financial planning services?

Yes, unless detailed planning work has been done just prior to engaging Carbahal Olsen. We consider financial planning to be a core feature of our wealth management offering.  In order to support you at a high standard, it is critical that we understand your goals and objectives, but also specific financial information relevant to your planning objectives. In the long run, taking a more holistic approach to your finances allows us to align your investment plan to what is important to you.

Will you work with our accountant, attorney and other professional contacts?

Absolutely. Working with your professional team is critical to your financial plan’s success. Many of our clients look at us as quarterback or CFO of their financial team, making sure that the various parts work in a coordinated fashion.

Will you consult me before making trades?

In most cases, no. Clients generally grant us limited, discretionary trading authority to make trades on their behalf. However, our role is to make investment decisions that meet with your investment objectives, which are clearly outlined in advance in your Investment Policy Statement.

What is a Fee-Only financial advisor?

Fee-only financial advisors are compensated by their clients exclusively with financial planning or asset management fees. They are not paid securities commissions or trail fees, nor do they receive any other form of compensation from third-party vendors*. Fee-only advisors do not sell any products or proprietary funds from parent or affiliated companies. We believe this is the best way to provide conflict-free solutions to our clients.

Will Carbahal Olsen hold my assets directly?

No. Carbahal Olsen is not a custodian and therefore will not take custody of your assets. We have done extensive research on the marketplace and have found Fidelity Investments has the comprehensive suite of services to meet the needs of our clients. We review these arrangements periodically to determine if other options are more appropriate.

*Representatives of COFS may be separately licensed as insurance agents or brokers for one or more insurance companies. In this capacity, they will be able to receive separate, yet customary commission compensation when they implement insurance product transactions on your behalf. Clients are not under any obligation to engage COFS representatives when considering implementing our recommendations. The implementation of any or all insurance recommendations is solely at the discretion of our clients.