Our Services

Financial Planning

A common thread for many of our clients, whether working or retired, is putting in place a well-coordinated retirement plan. With many of us living another third of our lives in retirement, living comfortably without worries of outliving our retirement nest eggs is certainly a financial planning goal worth striving for.

Critical to this process is developing a plan that will allow you to hang on to your investment portfolio, while also maintaining your desired standard of living. Within the stimulating give and take process that goes into a well-conceived retirement plan, we prepare projections and multiple “what if” scenarios for you, knowing that a well-lived retirement often takes one on different, unforeseen paths.

From where we sit, retirement should be an engaging and personally challenging phase where dreams are encouraged and nurtured. Good planning makes it all happen.

Asset Management Services

 As a complement to our financial planning services, we offer discretionary asset management services utilizing securities such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and individual stocks and bonds, among others.  First, we gather detailed information from you about your current financial situation, goals and risk tolerance. Then, we’ll prepare an Investment Policy Statement and recommend a specific portfolio of investments designed to meet your specific needs and objectives . Once we implement your investment strategy, we regularly monitor your account to ensure your investments continue to align with your stated objectives.

Estate Planning

A frequently neglected area of the financial planning process, prudent estate planning can save your family significant amounts of time and money in estate settlement costs as well as estate taxes. Estate planning affords you the opportunity to both protect your legacy and direct how it will be handled according to your wishes. Updated wills and health care directives, and if warranted, a review of trust considerations can make a big difference in giving you peace of mind. Our role here is simply to help you think about certain issues and then coordinate with your estate planning attorney to make certain that your wishes are executed as you deem fit.